Association of Romanian Engineers in Canada (AREC) is a Not-for-Profit professional organization of voluntary service. AREC represents thousands of Romanian engineers in Canada, promotes their contributions to the success of Canadian economy, and establishes relationship with other technical and professional organizations, creating a forum to contribute to, and enrich our community.

We believe the most important reason to volunteer for AREC is that it is one of the best ways you can give back to our Romanian Engineering Community.

We believe that a strong professional community is essential not only to our well being but also to everyone around us, and it is critical that each of us get interested and GET INVOLVED.

The AREC would be delighted to welcome anyone willing to contribute towards the activities and events of the Association.

The Executive meetings are opened to the members and supporters of AREC. The meetings are run under Robert’s Rules of Order, but normally in a very relaxed athmosphere. The meetings are scheduled on the second week of each month, on Wednesday – location: 1170 Sheppard Ave. W, Unit 15. Toronto, ON M3K 2B5 (TORONTO, – see map)

Please feel free to contact any of the executive members for more information.

AREC TEAM 2014 – 2015


George OpreaGeorge Oprea, P.Eng, FEC (416) 543-6799 LinkedIn Profile Honorary Consul of the Republic of Moldova in Ontario

Networking-ul este cel mai important lucru pentru un proaspat imigrant. Tocmai de aceea, AREC ii pune alaturi pe nou-veniti si pe inginerii care au depasit deja hopurile primilor pasi in Canada: primii au sansa sa se prezinte si sa vorbeasca despre ceea ce stiu si ce ar vrea sa faca, ultimii isi ofera experienta si expertiza din Canada cu speranta ca ele vor fi de folos celor care au nevoie de indrumare.” – George Oprea, P.Eng.


Daniel Cheoreanu (905) 822-3455 LinkedIn Profile

“Like You, I came to Canada with my family and with the cultural values from my country of origin, my hopes and my dreams. Same as You, I asked myself: “Is this the right time to be here? Am I doing the right thing? How can I connect with the right people to advance my career and to make friends?” The people met at AREC helped me to become better prepared to overcome the adaptation challenges in Canada, and to achieve my goals. Today, I am serving my community… in ways that reflect my commitment to co-workers, customers, and friends; and show my appreciation for the help and support they and the community have given me. My objective is to help, encourage and inspire others to succeed in their undertaking!” – Daniel Cheoreanu


 Emil CaraghinEmil Caraghin (416) 791-6210 LinkedIn Profile

“Inceputul emigrarii, ca pentru noi toti de altfel, nu a fost usor trecind prin citeva joburi de “supravietuire” cum se spune. In 1997 am reusit sa re-intru in domeniul meu de activitate si pregatire, cel de Constructii. In timp, lucrind la mai multe companii din ambele sectoare privat si guvernamental, am reusit sa inteleg si sa ma adaptez la mediul si sistemul profesional Canadian. Canada reprezinta de fapt pentru mine a treia “emigrare” iar muncind pe trei continente, pe parcursul a peste 27 de ani pot spune ca am acumulat o vasta experienta de viata si profesionala. Prin programul pilot de mentoring as vrea sa impartasesc si sa inspir noii nostri colegi de breasla, ingineri emigrati recent in Canada. Sunt foarte entuziasmat de acest proiect de mentoring. Sunt convins ca impreuna vom avea success si vom crea prietenii de-o … viata.” – Emil Caraghin


PaulPaul Goldenberg (647) 453-3003 LinkedIn Profile

“I have been following AREC for a number of years now. Some of its members are my friends, and I could see the progress, the members’ dedication and professionalism through the AREC activities and organized events. Since my arrival to Canada in 1980, I have been working in the engineering field for private and public companies. I started as a designer, became a project engineer, then manager of engineering, general manager and I am now doing consulting. I have been exposed to many engineering fields, and involved in projects of every scale.
I joined AREC with enthusiasm and I hope that my new ideas, dedication, and networking skills, tempered by 33 years of Canadian experience, will contribute to its growth and development. I would like my participation to AREC activities to be seen as an example by the older and established generation of Romanian engineers. I hope it inspires them to join, support and get involved in this professional Association. I am confident that a stronger AREC Association would play an important role to promote a stronger and more united Romanian community in Canada.”

“J’ai suivi avec intérêt l’activité de l’association AREC pour un certain nombre d’années et j’ai remarqué le progrès, le dévouement et le professionnalisme de ses membres. Depuis mon arrivée au Canada en 1980, j’ai travaillé dans le domaine de l’ingénierie pour les entreprises privées et publiques, au départ en tant que concepteur, ingénieur de projet, puis directeur de l’ingénierie, directeur général et, à présent, en faisant du consulting. J’ai rejoint l’association dont je connais beaucoup de ses membres, avec l’espoir que mes 33 ans d’expérience canadienne contribueront à sa croissance et son développement.
J’aimerais que ma participation aux activités AREC soit considérée comme un exemple par l’ancienne génération des ingénieurs roumains afin qu’elle les inspire à rejoindre, soutenir et s’impliquer dans cette association professionnelle. J’espère que l’Association AREC joue un rôle important dans la promotion de la communauté roumaine au Canada qui deviendra ainsi plus unie et plus forte.”
– Paul Goldenberg


CalinCalin Vaida (647)342-3452 LinkedIn Profile


FlorinFlorin Orha (647) 247-5874
LinkedIn Profile


Beatrice KohlenbergBeatrice Kohlenberg LinkedIn Profile

“I joined the AREC team with enthusiasm and I am pleased to have been given the chance to work on making the organization stronger. I believe we all have the responsibility to give back to society and provide support for each other. I am bringing my skills and my time to help AREC to positively impact the lives of other people, from newcomers still struggling to settle, to experienced professionals willing to share their experiences and knowledge.” – Beatrice Kohlenberg


AREC Mentoring CoordinatorAntonia Protopopescu (905) 598-0149 LinkedIn Profile

“As the new Mentoring Program Coordinator I embrace the challenge of offering support to both Mentors and Mentees to reach a higher level of self knowledge and be able to multiply the positive influence in our romanian community. Chiar dupa 30 de ani de viata in Canada vorbesc curent romana si ramin in serviciul comunitatii romanesti in eforturile de integrarea a noilor veniti.” – Antonia Protopopescu


LiviuMihai-Liviu Iliescu (647) 328-9241


Sorin Alb Sorin Alb (416) 271-6022 LinkedIn Profile

“As a Romanian born Canadian, I know the value of good advice at the right time. With this in mind, I joined AREC with the goal to make a positive difference in someone’s life by volunteering my time and skills. In this time and age any individual, business or organization needs to have a presence on the Internet if they want to stay current. The impact of the social media in our lives is growing every day and its role in getting the right and correct information on time became indisputable. My role in the AREC executive team is to make sure the information is disseminated timely through the social media to the benefit of our AREC members.– Sorin Alb


AlexAlex Tudose (647) 975 – 5570 LinkedIn Profile

“I have been following AREC ever since I was still in Romania, given that this was the only possibility I had to contact Romanian Engineers established in Toronto. I have joined the team because I see the potential of successful people who, despite the fact that they are far from home, family, friends, have managed to reinstate themselves in job positions they had in their native country, and also even aspired to something better. My contribution to AREC will be provided especially in promoting the group in the on-line environment. I hope that in this manner, the current members will keep updated with the news within the AREC group, and I also intend to plant the seed of curiosity in other potential AREC members. I would like to thank the executives of the AREC for the chance that I have been given.” – Alex Tudose


LilianaLiliana Constantinescu, P.Eng (416) 577-9526 AREC-TREASURER LinkedIn Profile

“I joined AREC because I truly believe in its motto -“Together We Are Stronger!”. Coming to Canada, each of us brought a real value; our strong education provided by a well established Romanian engineering school. This background gave us confidence and helped us to succeed in our career. I believe it is our duty to give back to our community, by getting involved and contributing to enrich our unique cultural values, furthermore to support and encourage others to succeed. I hope my expertise, knowledge, and networking skills will help AREC to accomplish its mission.” – Liliana Constantinescu


Vlad Siperco, Founding President

Daniela Iliescu, Vice President

Daniel Cheoreanu, Secretary

Florin Doru Merauta, Treasurer

Adriana Deboveanu, Chairman Membership Committee

Corneliu Chisu

Radu Paunescu

Dan Chimet

Paul Sterescu

Simona Cheoreanu

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