“The image of a country, of a nation or community is always given by its expertise. I believe that top professional achievements, competitive specialists and solid expertise means good national reputation! That’s why I would like to congratulate once again the Association of Romanian Engineers in Canada for being an excellent agent of Romanian modern culture and also a reliable partner of the Consulate General of Romania in Toronto in its endeavor to promote the interests and image of the local Romanian community” – Dr. Valentin Naumescu, Consul General of Romania in Toronto


(traducere in limba Romana)

In 2003, a small number of engineers began meeting on a monthly basis in order to create a network where engineers educated in Romania could be brought together. The purpose was: to help each other succeed in our careers, by understanding cultural differences, building a better name for ourselves and our community in Canada, where we were welcomed with open arms.

Our vision has three key components:

  • To promote the common interests of the engineers educated in Romania and living now in Canada
  • Effective Networking
  • Helping engineers educated in Romania with assistance towards PEO licence and employment

Effective Networking takes many forms, but for us, this is:

  • creating opportunities for AREC members to effectively communicate among themselves (networking)
  • better communications of the benefits and value of being an AREC member to current members and potential members AREC is a network of people; a platform for contacts between students, engineers, industry and society. The network gives support to students and engineers, opening borders and minds. It aims at helping to understand cultural differences and at developing one’s personal and professional skills. Our goal is to make positive changes in our lives and to support each other through those changes.

AREC members assist individuals of Romanian background who want to become Professional Engineers in Ontario.

Experienced professionals act as mentors to new immigrants and are assisting in enhancing their educational and personal development.

AREC represents thousands of Romanian engineers in Canada, promotes their contribution to the success of Canadian economy, and establishes relationship with other technical and professional organizations.

AREC is committed to enhancing the reputation and standing of all engineers educated in Romania and living now in Canada.

Together We Are Stronger!

PEO consent to the incorporation of the Association of Romanian Engineers in Canada (AREC)