Employers: imagine that you have access to a pool of thousands of highly skilled internationally trained engineers from a wide array of expertise, qualified to match your business needs (such as recruitment or tapping into diverse markets)… this is AREC!

Let’s Connect and Build Relationships

Thank you for your interest in AREC:

1. Please contact Paul Goldenberg, Vice-President, (647) 453-3003 – vicepresident@arec.ca

2. Please send your available job openings to Roxana Ichim (289) 772-8823 , Social Media Coordinator – roxichim@gmail.com

Think outside the box to find immigrant talent

Your recruitment needs to be inclusive and broad to reach the widest range of talent – including skilled immigrants. Are you branching out creatively to reach a diverse pool of candidates?

In these videos, leading employers talk about recruiting immigrant talent. Learn how Paul’s story of immigrating to Canada, his diverse experience and desire to embody a true global citizen through his international networks.

Looking for ways to integrate diverse talent into you organization? Concerned you’re missing out on an untapped skilled immigrant talent pool and want to learn successful recruitment and integration practices? Want to make sure you take full advantage of the diverse workforce? On the TRIEC Campus, you will find innovative and engaging learning materials to help your organization integrate and retain newcomer talent.

The TRIEC offers a toolkit that HR and training and development professionals, as well as managers and team members, can draw on to develop and enhance cross-cultural skills to build, lead and participate in culturally diverse workplaces. Use these tools to improve your bottom line by learning how to hire, retain, and manage culturally diverse teams more effectively.