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The Engineering Community in Canada and the Power of Networking

An Interview with AREC (Association of Romanian Engineers in Canada) President, Daniel Cheoreanu

Daniel Cheoreanu is the President of AREC (Association of Romanian Engineers in Canada)which is a Non-profit professional organization of voluntary service. AREC represents thousands of Romanian engineers in Canada, promotes their contributions to the success of Canadian economy, and establishes relationship with other technical and professional organizations, creating a forum to contribute to and enrich the community

Q: First of all, how did the idea and foundation for AREC come about?

A: I came to Canada with my family and with the cultural values from my country of origin, my hopes and my dreams. I asked myself: “Is this the right time to be here? Am I doing the right thing? How can I connect with the right people to advance my career and to make friends?”

Newcomers have many challenges to face when they try to find employment in Canada. The impact of cultural differences in recruiting and the misunderstandings can lead to immigrants being unsuccessful in their job search for reasons unrelated to their ability to perform the job in question. One of the biggest challenges is the fact that the majority of the jobs are filled through internal posting and internal referrals. All these are real issues!

In 2003, a group of Engineers who have lived in Canada for a while got together and began meeting monthly, mainly to network, share information and see how they could help those who were new in Canada. The purpose was to help each other succeed in our careers by understanding cultural differences.


Date: 2017-11-23
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