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Take Back Manufacturing Survey

Who should take the survey?

Anyone who is a business owner, leader, manager, employee, consultant or just a manufacturing knowledgeable member of the population.

Please encourage others to take the survey... We need as much data points as possible, so, if you know other individuals with manufacturing business knowledge please ask them to take the survey.

How should you approach the Survey?

Focus on a business or sector you know where you worked and have some facts a preferably a recent experience and undertake the survey as if you were the business owner... and treat it as your current perspective.

If you are not able to respond to all the questions enter 0 or low scores as a "don't know" and move on.

However please identify yourself fully and the relationship to the
business you are describing in terms of the role you have or had etc.

We look forward to your support... For more details click here.

Go to SURVEY now!

Date: 2012-08-02
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