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Take Back Manufacturing

On June 9th, 2011, the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) facilitated the formation of an active Forum of a broad range of Canadian technical societies, management associations and trade union organizations.

The purpose of the Forum is to discuss and plan the roadmap to TAKE BACK MANUFACTURING in Ontario.

The Forum participants are deeply worried about the rapid loss of our prosperity via the decline of manufacturing in our economy.

The Forum provides a much broader representation of industry and educational stakeholders and they believe that to be positioned for success we must get our Government to focus on improving the Canadian business and educational environments.

Marie Laird, 2011 SME Toronto Chair stated: "Individually many organizations have been trying to get government to listen for years, but they've been largely ignored. We all need to understand that if you live in Ontario, the well-being of manufacturing affects you - whether or not you know it. Take Back Manufacturing is about having ONE voice and ONE agenda. It's about what we all want and need: Strong manufacturing in Ontario again."

Nigel Southway, SME Operations Manager stated: "Everyone knows the issues and the situation, but little has been actively done to fix it. We are very excited about the feedback so far from all the societies and associations we have invited to join the forum, and everyone involved believes it offers a great opportunity to combined efforts to getthings done. Similar groups exist in the USA and we are sharing data and approaches.

The ultimate goal of Take Back Manufacturing is to get government, educators and industry leadership to start working closer together to plan the recovery of the declining manufacturing sectors in Ontario.

The TBM Forum is presently working to formulate its recommendations and then it will be Government and others that set policies turn to listen!

We welcome you views and input...

We are certain many other organizations and individuals shares our view and concerns and we invite all our members and readers to add comments to the TBM database, so if you have comments or suggestions after you read on please contact us at

More details... (for background information)

To download the Kick-Off Forum presentation, Click HERE


Date: 2011-08-15
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