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Mentoring Program Testimonials


Yesterday we closed yet another Mentoring Round during the Intercultural event organized by JVS. In my view it was great success especially because of the wonderful speakers like Juan Orozco and Leanne Li who were generous with their time to come and share some helpful insights on how to succeed in the Canadian job market.

We also had the opportunity to hear from one of the AREC mentors, Felicia Pop about her positive experience as a mentor in the program.

One of our Mentees was present at the meeting Alexandra Buda who completed the program and we heard a heart felt message written by another AREC Mentee, Lucian Raileanu.

Last but not least I greatly appreciated the presence of Nicolae Peres, AREC's Vice-President who reiterated AREC's committment to the program.

Have a wonderful weekend and keep networking alive.


"March 31, 2013 - I truly appreciate and value everything I have learned from this program. It will forever remain a major contributor behind my success and achievements.

I appreciate the advice and things that I learned from the Mentoring program. Some things that I learned were:
- about Canadian workplace culture
- receive guidance through the licensing and accreditation process
- job search process
- establish professional networks
- improve my communication skills

My favorite part of the mentoring program was when we shared work experience and life experience; my mentor made and makes me feel as a part of a big family.

I want to express my deepest gratitude to Simona(my Mentor) for believing in me.
You have been an excellent friend, teacher, mentor and a great inspiration for me. You have inspired me to pursue my goals with hard work and dedication. You have shown me the value of honesty, sincerity and trust.

Once again, thank you for your time and assistance. I wish you the very best and hope at some point in my career I can be as helpful as you.

Thank you JVS Toronto, Thank you AREC, Thank you Simona and Antonia !

Lucian Raileanu (Mentee)"



Author: Antonia Protopopescu
Date: 2013-04-07
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