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Corneliu Chisu for PEO President-elect

Give Corneliu your strong support! Vote for PEO President-elect.

Dear fellow engineers:

A proud professional engineer, a military engineer with distinguished service in Afghanistan, and a legislator, I cherish my profession and obligations to society.

I am running for the office of President-elect because I deeply believe that engineers have a fundamental role in strengthening Canada's economy through their expertise and high standards in protecting the public.

The foundation for the value offered to society by professional engineers lies primarily in our members' high standard of qualification and adherence to our Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct as stated in the Professional Engineers Act and Regulations.

Engineering does not exist in isolation; it needs to work in close conjunction with policy and politics on the one hand and with business on the other. It needs to connect with the worlds of ideas and practical commerce and to face up to real choices for the good of society.

Engineering is also a tremendous training of the mind which lends itself very well to running businesses, large and small.

Engineers don't just work on physical implementation of industrial projects. Some also use their practical knowledge to help Governments understand choices and the most effective means to get things done. They are also realists who abhor abstraction and rigorous planners with a strong sense of discipline.

Engineers also help to inform public opinion by illuminating what can be done and bringing to life the sense of what is possible, a hugely important motivator for all of us.

Engineering work is an important contributor to Canada's social, economic, cultural and environmental well being and a decisive factor in maintaining our country in the lead of the developed nations of the world.

PEO faces a challenge today in keeping up with the rapid evolution of the new engineering fields in effectively demonstrating its value to society and its relevance to its membership.

Engineers need to build on the strength of a growing and continuously diversified profession, while correcting weaknesses that may threaten its credibility with the public and legislators.

More than ever before, our profession needs wise leadership with active member involvement to maintain its relevance to society in the fundamental decision-making processes.

2013 PEO Council Elections

If you elect me as President-elect, I will strive to:

- Establish a climate of cooperation and responsibility of both council and staff;
- Involve engineers more in the self-regulation of the profession through a proactive consultative process;
- Enhance public protection through an up to date legislative process;
- Develop a licensure model that captures the interests of all applicants for licensure and provides effective value at each stage of the licensing process;
- Embrace emerging disciplines and looking for the definition of areas of practice; and
- Foster an effective and constructive relationship with OSPE, our sister Associations and Engineers Canada towards best serving the profession in a climate of social responsibility.

We must actively develop our profession and create the maximum benefit for both society and engineers!

I plan to work to implement the roles and responsibilities of the Council, chapters, committees and task forces in policy development. With your support, I am convinced that we will achieve a real transformation in engineering regulation for the benefit of our society.

I respect and cherish your vote!

J'ai le plus profond respect pour votre vote!

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Date: 2013-01-15
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