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Working in Canada Tool

The Working in Canada Tool can help you to decide where to live and work. Use the Tool to produce a report on job descriptions, wages, skill requirements, language training and job opportunities based on your occupation and a location. By researching different occupations and different locations, you can make settlement decisions that are right for you and your family.

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What to Do If You Think You are a Victim of a Scam or Fraud

If you suspect that you may be a victim or target of a scam or fraud, you are not alone and you can help put an end to the scam or fraud by reporting it. As a first step, report the matter to police. If you wish to remain anonymous, you can also submit a tip to Crime Stoppers (1-800-222-TIPS).

Should you wish to obtain legal advice, please note that the Law Society of Upper Canada has services to help you find a legal professional. 
In addition to the police, there are a number of organizations that you can contact for help, including the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO).

Check for more information here:

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TRIEC Request For Proposal - Value of Mentoring

TRIEC is issuing an Request For Proposal (RFP) ton the Canadian Work Experience Initiative Evaluation for Mentoring.

The objective of the project is to conduct a primary and secondary research study to determine the value mentoring provides in achieving Canadian professional work experience, for immigrant professionals.

You can see the details of the proposal here -

If you or anyone in your network is interested in participating in the project, please email Debroy Chan at You can also reach out to him for questions or clarifications.

Thank you!

Rohit Singh

Communications and Program Assistant


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TRIEC Mentoring Partnership Program (TMP): looking for mentees and mentors (professions)


In the following months, TMP will have an excess of mentors with a background in Accounting and Finance. Newcomers with a background these fields, can register through one of the TMP Community Partners:

(scroll down to see the map, and click on the Community Partner closer to you for coordinates)



TMP is looking for mentors with the following areas:

- Business: Marketing, Sales, Accounting, Purchase, Supply Chain, Human Resources, Project Management, Business Analytics, Management Consulting

- Information Technology: IT Consulting, Software Development, Broadcasting & Media

- Education: Post-Secondary Academics, Elementary and Secondary Education, Education Administration

- Engineering and Science: Civil, Construction, Electrical, Environmental

- Healthcare: Healthcare Sales and Marketing, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Research & Development

To become a mentor:


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1) Imagine Canada - Grants Database via TRIEC. Please reply if interested!

- Following up on Yves Danteu's presentation (PINs Leaders Roundtable, Feb. 2018), TRIEC is willing to allow PINs leaders like you to consult the Imagine Canada - Grants Database. This is a way to find potential funders for your organization's projects. This access will be possible via the TRIEC membership with Imagine Canada.

- Interested in accessing this grants database via TRIEC? Please reply to this message so I can coordinate the access from the TRIEC side.

- Would your organization like a membership with the Imagine Canada Grants Database, to access it anytime you need? Their website offers different types of memberships. If your organization has less than $100.000 revenue/ year, the membership is $100. This could also be an opportunity to collaborate with other PINs associations to split the cost of accessing this database all over the year:


2) Becoming A Board Member (March 15) - workshop provided by Volunteer Canada

- A 2-hours workshop for those interested in learning about the responsibilities and the benefits of volunteering on a non-profit's board of directors.


- Two hours will not probably be enough to understand this topic, so prepare your questions for the upcoming workshop organized by the PINs Program on the Legal Aspects of Running a Non-profit Association (coming up in April).


3) Marketing Bootcamp (April 4) - Breakfast Workshop (MAS)

- A workshop for volunteer-run organizations. Topics covered: Website do's and dont's, Traps to avoid, How to rank higher on search engines, Feedback on your elevator speeches, How to make 3 marketing tools (brochure, donor presentation, donor letter).



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Toastmasters International

Toastmasters provides the tools that enable you to become an effective communicator and leader both in business or professional life, and your personal life. A Toastmasters club is a "learn by doing" workshop in which men and women hone their communication and leadership skills in a friendly, supportive atmosphere. Why to join? Learn with the best, and the rest will be easy!

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The Ten Qualities of Highly Successful Internationally Experienced Professionals

In this workbook, Mike Lipkin, President of Environics/Lipkin will walk you through The Ten Qualities of Highly Successful Internationally Experienced Professionals. Mike will also give you exercises to help you understand and apply these qualities. Then, you need to practise them until you become a highly successful IEP who inspires others to become the same.

Mike Lipkin's workbook "The Ten Qualities of Highly Succesful Internationally Experienced Professionals".

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The Simple Dollar

The Simple Dollar is a place where anyone can come to acquire financial information on finding the best products and services, saving money, making smart investments, and controlling personal finances. Think of the The Simple Dollar as a personal finance platform you can use to make better financial decisions and grow your bank account.

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The Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec (OIQ)

In Quebec, the OIQ carefully monitors compliance with rules of this trade and with the professional integrity of members, while also overseeing the development of the engineering profession. This kind of work is all the more critical, as the Order has more than 56,000 members, making it the second largest of the 45 professional orders charged by the Government of Quebec with the duty of protecting the public.

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The Office of the Fairness Commissioner of Ontari

The Office of the Fairness Commissioner oversees licensing in 40 regulatory bodies for Ontario professions. The commissioner's mandate is to ensure that their registration practices are transparent, objective, impartial and fair.

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The General Association of the Engineers in Romania

The General Association of Romanian Engineers (AGIR) has a history of more over 120 years and a wide range of activities.

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The Cultural Access Pass is a gift to each new Canadian citizen during their first year of citizenship

During the 1st year of their citizenship, each Canadian citizen is allowed complimentary/free admission to more than 600 of Canada's cultural treasures from coast-to-coast-to-coast. Most popular museums, parks, gardens in Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver are participating in this program.

The website to register:

Attractions in Ontario:

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The Complete Guide On How To Make Your Business Green

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Technical links:

Engineering related links in Ontario and Canada

Official International Engineering Glossary

The Engineering Tool Box

Industry Links

Canadian Plastics Industry Association

Chemical Engineering resources

Chemical Industry

A Learning Community for Chemical Engineering (CACHE)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology - open courses

Free trade magazines

Cutting Tool Engineering

Canadian Manufacturing

Career Knowledge portal


Tek-Tips Forums

TSSA - Technical Standards and Safety Authority

Manufacturing Engineering magazine - Digital Edition

Manufacturing Engineering Source Guide

Learning Tree Online Resource Library - Enhance your knowledge with these timely reports that provide comprehensive overviews of today's hottest technologies such as SharePoint, Windows Server 2008, ITIL®, SQL Server, Oracle Database and more, plus helpful resources and Web sites offering the most current information! All resources are absolutely free and easy to download.

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Social security agreement Canada - Romania

Original news in English - click here - or pdf here.

Românii cu rezidență își vor putea încasa pensiile în Canada

Secretarul de stat din MAE Bogdan Aurescu, aflat într-o vizită de lucru în Canda, a semnat joi (Noiembrie 19, 2009) Acordul de securitate socială între România și Canada, un document important prin aplicarea căruia vor beneficia direct românii și, respectiv, canadienii care lucrează sau au lucrat în celălalt stat.

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Settlement Roadmap

Settlement Roadmap is a search tool developed by Canadian Newcomer - the How To Magazine for New Canadians, to help people find settlement, language and employment services across Canada.

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Settlement Online Pre-Arrival (SOPA)

SOPA helps newcomers arrive better prepared and we have seen a lot of success stories, with clients finding jobs in their field within weeks/months of landing in Canada.

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Scotiabank StartRight Program For Newcomers

While Canada welcomes you to a new country, Scotiabank welcomes you home.

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Rented Home Search in Canada

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Recycling Tips for Home

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Professional Networks for Immigrants

This directory is by Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC). Published in 2009.

If you arrived in Canada recently and are looking for opportunities to develop professional relationships and networks within your field, this directory is for you.

This directory lists groups run by and for internationally-trained professionals. It has new and established groups from both regulated and non-regulated sectors. It covers many professions.

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Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO)

Professional Engineers Ontario licenses Ontario’s 70,000 professional engineers, grants temporary, limited and provisional licences to practise professional engineering, and authorizes businesses to provide engineering services to the public. It sets standards for and regulates engineering practice. Under the Professional Engineers Act, its statutory mandate is to serve and protect the public interest where engineering is concerned. Rigorously educated, experienced and committed to a Code of Ethics that puts the public first, licensed professional engineers can be identified by the P.Eng. after their names.

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POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest

This group is intended for graduees of the POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest, engineers that are scattered all over the world and in all fields. The purpose of this group is to put them in contact and create further professional links.

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Other links:

- World Education Services
- Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA)
- Canadian Trade Index
- Company Directories Industry Canada
- Ontario Society of Professional Engineers
- Dun & Bradstreet database
- Hoover's database
- MacRAE's Blue Book database
- esource Canada (Scott's directory) database

- Emergency Management Ontario

- Children and Travel - Consent Letter

Ontario English-French Education Glossary The glossary contains a list of close to 2,500 English entries, compiled alphabetically, along with their French equivalents

Connect Legal: Advice for Immigrant Entrepreneurs

Allied Offices

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Ontario Immigration - Online Tools

The Working in Canada tool can help you identify the name of your occupation in Canada and provide you with detailed labour market information for a chosen location in Canada. The search tool was developed in partnership with Human Resources and Social Development Canada.

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Office of Small and Medium Enterprises

Links for Doing Business with the Government of Canada

* Supplier Registration (SRI) -

* Professional Services On-line (PSO) - or SELECT

* Searching for opportunities

* Standing Offers or Supply Arrangements

*Canadian Innovation Commercialization Program (CICP)


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MicroSkills Development Centre - Sponsored Volunteer Interns

Welcome to the Community MicroSkills Development Centre website. We invite you to browse through our website and learn more about MicroSkills.

Our hours of operation are: Monday to Thursday, 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.  Friday & Saturday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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LoonLounge is a place to meet people and learn about life in Canada and the Canadian immigration experience. LoonLounge is a network of communities through which you can connect with people around the world, share experiences and advice, ask questions, make friends, find a job in Canada and create a settlement plan.

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Legal Services

Power of Attorney for Personal Care - Citeste, tipareste paginile 12 si 13 precum si 23 si 24, completeaza si semneaza cu 2 martori.

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Inventors Circle

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Humber’s bridging program for internationally educated engineers (civil/architecture, mechanical, electrical):

- Training in the latest technology and software skills in demand by Ontario employers;

- Employment opportunities as Project Coordinators, Engineering Designers, Architectural Technologists, Estimators, QA Inspectors and other occupations;

- Credits towards PMP certification;

- Free membership with the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers;

- Financial support through Ontario Bridging Participant Assistance Program (OBPAP) or the Immigrant Access Fund (IAF);

- Job search and/or career progression support for up to 12 months.

The program has a 75 % success rate. For eligibility, start dates and admission process please follow:


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How to Adapt your Business to become Environmentally Friendly

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Guide to CIC and the Canadian Citizenship Process

Citizenship and Immigration Canada, commonly known as the CIC, is the department of the Canada government responsible for citizenship and immigration. If you are interested in becoming a Canadian citizen, your application will be processed through the CIC. This article serves as a guide to the Canadian citizenship process. Read more.

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Government of Ontario

One in three Canadians calls Ontario home. Diverse cultural backgrounds make up this vibrant province, a magnet for industry, the arts and innovation. From its varied landscape, to thousands of lakes, to fantastic tourism spots, Ontario is a study in contrasts with much to offer. This section provides links to detailed information about the people, places and events in Ontario.

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Government of Canada

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Going to Canada

Explore the Going to Canada Web site to discover links to information and services when planning a temporary stay or making Canada your new home.

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Go Green Tool Guide

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Global Experience Ontario (GEO)

The program provides resources and services for immigrant with international training and experience.

GEO offers webinars and workshops on topics like:

• the licensing or certification process

• getting your credentials assessed

• employment and training programs

• getting financial assistance

• English and French language training

• joining professional networks

• mentorship and internship programs

GEO webinars:

To receive customized information: 416-327-9694 or email


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G. Gordon M. Sterling Engineering Intern Award

The G. Gordon M. Sterling Engineering Intern Award was established to promote, encourage and celebrate professional leadership achievements of engineering graduates registered in Professional Engineers Ontario's Engineering Intern Training Program.

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Foreign Credential Referral Office

These Occupational Fact Sheets will provide you with guidance on foreign credential recognition in your profession in Canada.

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Find your new apartment today!

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European Union Chamber of Commerce in Toronto - EUCOCIT

The European Union Chamber of Commerce in Toronto is the umbrella organization of 20 European Union bilateral Chambers of Commerce and Business Associations and 5 associate members from other European countries, amounting to a membership of 25 organizations.

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Enterprise Toronto

Looking for assistance on a specific business topic? What to know if there's upcoming events relating to that topic? This section is your guide to receiving a wealth of resources from over 120 business categories. Check it out.

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English Classes

Improve your opportunities by upgrading your skills and get your career on track. 

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Engineers Canada

Engineers Canada develops national guidelines on the qualifications, standards of practice and ethics expected of professional engineers. It also publishes the Engineers Canada Examination Syllabus and the Engineers Canada List of Foreign Engineering Educational Institutions and Professional Qualifications.

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Electric cars

The guide " The Beginners Guide to Driving Electric Cars" and offers plenty of valuable information such as:
A beginner-friendly introduction to electric cars (EVs) and why they're increasingly becoming popular, as well as a brief history of electric vehicle development (dating all the way back to the 1800s!)
Differences between electric cars and hybrid electric/diesel models, as well as examples of brands and models of EVs in the market today
Government grants, tax advantages, and other public support enjoyed by electric car owners.
Other useful information, advice, and resources to help you decide if an electric car is right for you

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Eco-Friendly Guide to Recycling Electronic Waste

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Eco-Friendly Guide to Cleaning Your Home

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DRP - Departamentul Romanilor de Pretutindeni

Scopul tuturor programelor derulate de DRP este păstrarea și afirmarea identității etnice, culturale, lingvistice și religioase a românilor din statele vecine și emigrație, conform standardelor internaționale în materie și întărirea legăturilor dintre România și comunitățile românești de peste hotare.

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Consulting Engineers of Ontario


"Engineering" is a profession, but "consulting engineering" is a business that makes engineering viable and profitable. Consulting Engineers of Ontario (CEO) represents 200 member firms who work with private-sector and public-sector clients on roads, bridges, hospitals, electrical systems, mechanical systems and much of the world that you see around you. If you'd like more information about consulting engineering, visit


Visit website:

Considering becoming an engineer? lets visitors explore how to prepare for an engineering career, ask experts engineering-related questions, play interactive games, and more.


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Citizenship and Immigration Canada

Visit to get forms and guides for visitors visas, work and study permits, immigration, citizenship and more.

Application fees

Visit website:

Citizenship - Study Guide

Study Guide - Discover Canada The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship

Free Online Canadian Citizenship Practice Test (Discover Canada)

Discover Canada: Sample study questions

2011 Canadian Citizenship Test Passing Guide


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Chemistry Education Resource Guide

A great guide by SmartScholar called the "Chemistry Education Resource Guide" (

Visit website:

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Canadian Intellectual Property Office

The Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO), a Special Operating Agency (SOA) associated with Industry Canada, is responsible for the administration and processing of the greater part of intellectual property in Canada.

Visit website:

Canadian Government Grants & Loans - Small Business Financing

The Small Business Finance Centre helps entrepreneurs in Canada to access Canadian government grants and loans for their businesses.

Visit website:

Canadian Company Capabilities

Canadian directory of companies/products/services with links to company web sites.

Visit website:

Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms


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Canada-Ontario Business Service Centre

Information from the Canadian/Ontario governments about starting, operating or closing a business, including sources of finance, taxes, regulations and licencing, exporting, importing, market research and E-business.

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Business Advice for Small Businesses

The Business Advisory Group (BAG) is an incorporated, not-for-profit organization whose members provide their time and expertise to provide solid business advice based on a lifetime of experience.

We operate in Oakville, Burlington and Hamilton, offering meetings in a number of convenient locations.

BAG President interviewed on

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Ambasada Romaniei in Canada

The Embassy of Romania in Ottawa provides consular services only for residents of the Ottawa area. For those residing in other regions of Ontario or other provinces of Canada, please click here to find out where you should apply.

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Alliance Française de Toronto

Your French Language School and Cultural Centre

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Accounting/ Finance Information Session and Speed Mentoring event

Thursday, February 15, 2018 @ 5:00pm

Organizer: NCP (Newcomer Centre of Peel) and CPA (Chartered Professional Accountants)

Organizations attending: PointClickCare, Cascades Recovery, CW LHIN, CFO Service, Stewart Foodservice Inc., Kärcher Canada.

To register:



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"Supercharge your 2018 Goals" - Networking event organized by CAMP (PINs Association)

February 22nd, 6:15-8pm

North York Civic Centre, Committee Room #1 (5100 Yonge St., Toronto)

Guest speaker: Bonnie Chan, Business Networking Specialist



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