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Mentoring Process

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Dear Members

The Association of Romanian Engineers in Canada is proud to announce that is now able to offer the Mentoring Program on-going. Please call us to start anytime you feel ready. The main objective of this program is to connect internationally trained Romanian-Canadian newcomers with successful Romanian-Canadian engineers for the purposes of helping to build useful networks, get tips and advice to guide mentees towards achieving their career goals in Canada.

Objectives of the program

  • To help new skilled newcomers by matching them with a mentor with similar background
  • To assist them with developing their professional networks and with making educated career decisions
  • To increase understanding of Canadian workplace culture and the reality of transferring professional designations
  • To strengthen the knowledge of community resources and linkages to settlement services, skill development, job search resources, language and literacy programming among other services


How Mentoring Works

Mentoring connects recent skilled immigrants to established Canadian professionals in the same or related occupations or industries. Immigrants entering a mentoring program possess the education, experience and language skills needed to excel in the workforce. Mentoring opens networks, builds relationships and increases social capital, leading to employment.

The mentoring model adds value to existing programs in that it focuses on employer engagement as a key component of the match.



Benefits for Mentees

  • Increased self-knowledge and awareness
  • Obtain strategic tools for career development and success
  • Enhance communication skills
  • Develop professional etiquette
  • Identify talents needed in the Canadian workplace
  • Build their network for work and career success
  • Become employed in their field of expertise


Benefits for Mentors

  • Increased self-knowledge and self awareness
  • Optimize coaching and mentoring skills
  • Build leadership excellence
  • Dialogue with and learn from the experiences of internationally trained people
  • Share knowledge and wisdom and explore new ideas and perspectives
  • Learn about and contribute to the community
  • Recognition from AREC as an active contributor

Get invoved !

If you are interested in the mentoring program either as a mentor or as a mentee please send us an email at:

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by email at


Group mentoring is a unique form of support, where a group of skilled immigrants looking for work (mentees) connect with a professional working in their field (mentor). In a recent webinar, we explained how an occupation-specific group mentoring model works, how it has benefited both mentees and mentors, and pointed to several resources to assist in developing your own group mentoring program.

>>Visit the group mentoring resource page

To help you understand how mentoring works for different stakeholders, ALLIES has developed the following Mentoring Resources

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