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"After countless attempts of finding a better work place, this job literally fell into my lap. It was a 'friend of a friend' situation and I was lucky to get it. Fair to say I now understand the importance of networking and of putting yourself out there. I have my mentor, Felicia to thank for that and many other useful advice and ideas. She encouraged me to keep trying and gave me amazing self confidence. And speaking of self-confidence, there is a tiny piece of advice I would like to offer newcomers going on similar paths: don't be afraid and show-off your self-confidence. Culture-wise i guess, I was taught not to do it and that costed me an awesome job here once. This time though, I was not afraid to show my confidence in my abilities and my enthusiasm anymore. The result? A 5 minute phone interview ending in 'start on Friday'! Go for it! The life you want is coming. Don't be afraid and believe in yourself! Once again, thank you Felicia and Antonia and this great initiative, the mentorship program!" - Alexandra Buda

Work to improve yourself, on a professional and personal level



What is Group Mentoring ?

Group mentoring is a unique form of support, where a group of skilled immigrants looking for work (mentees) can connect with a professional working in their field (mentor).

Group mentoring is an efficient model. The mentor can effectively help a group of newcomers at one time. Mentees can learn and share experiences from each other. Furthermore, successful mentors who have many demands on their time can share their invaluable knowledge, expertise and business network with a large pool of mentees.

In particular, mentees can benefit in a number of ways:

  • learn about Canadian workplace culture and industry trends;
  • identify educational and technical skills required to meet market demands;
  • receive guidance through the licensing and accreditation process;
  • acquire support through the job search process;
  • establish professional networks;
  • improve professional terminology; and
  • build confidence in a new culture.


On-going Mentoring Session, sign up anytime

You can participate as a Mentee if you:

  • have lived in Canada for less than three years and have no prior Canadian work experience in their field
  • have the English skills required to perform effectively in the workplace
  • have a least three years of work experience in their area of expertise
  • have achieved at least bachelor's degree - or equivalent post-secondary education - from outside of Canada
  • are eligible to work in Canada
  • are underemployed or unemployed - working for 20 hours or less a week

 Please send your request by email to:

"Acum stiu ce trebuie sa fac pentru a reveni la inginerie, dupa ce am lucrat ca tehnician. Am apreciat in mod deosebit vizita la locul de munca al mentorului meu pentru ca mi-a dat ocazia sa vad pe viu cum se lucreaza intr-o companie mare" - Tiberiu Orban.


Mentors participation:

• 24 hours spread out over 4 months
• Meetings can be in person, online, or over the phone and can include referrals for information interviews

Please send a message to if you would like to participate in this program.

"Ma numesc Emil Caraghin si am avut placerea de a fi unul din "Mentorii" programului pilot recent incheiat. Acest program a fost oferit de AREC prin intermediul organizatiei JVS din Toronto. Parte din acest program pilot am avut pe domnul Bogdan Horga, "Mentee", cu care ulterior am si devenit prieteni foarte buni. In relatia noastra, a fost important in opinia mea, faptul ca amindoi suntem in acelasi domeniu profesional, cel de Constructii Civile. 

JVS ne-a pus la dispozitie un program foarte bine structurat care in principal s-a compus din cinci intilniri Mentor - Mentee(s) precedate de o sedinta generala de "orientare".
Cele cinci intilniri au avut topicuri bine definite:
1. Stabilirea grupului de mentoring.
2. Job search tools.
3. Interview networking & job search strategies.
4. Issues exploration & workplace culture.
5. Integrating into the new job.


Check this Finding Talent video and self-study guide which will provide you with valuable information on finding a job.

What do you get when you mentor? You gain a surprising insight into how to do your own job better.

How do you get the most out of mentoring?

  • Be open to the different technical skills and knowledge your mentee possesses and how these can be incorporated into your own job.

Learn more about Mr. Schultz's mentoring experience in this success story. 

Top 6 mentoring tips from our mentoring team

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