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LinkedIn is all about providing a more efficient mechanism for using your network, while maintaining the quality and reputation of your interactions. It is a great tool for:

- Looking for a job or finding new companies to partner with
- Connecting VCs and entrepreneurs, finding consultants, contractors or industry experts

If you find someone you want to connect with, LinkedIn will tell you who you are connected to them through and how many degrees of separation exist. From there you can send an email to this person (or through a chain of people) asking them to forward a request to the person you wish to meet. The more connections you add, the greater your reach and the possibility for making meaningful connections. And as your connections invite other people, your network continues to grow. Recruiters and hiring managers will look for you on LinkedIn, so your profile must be excellent.

- Leverage the power of the AREC network to find and reach the new business contacts you need;

- Accelerate your career through referrals from AREC members;

- Let other AREC members know what you have to offer to them and their contacts;

- Limit your network searches to other AREC members only, if you wish to do so.

- Know more than a name - view rich professional profiles from fellow AREC members;


As well join the following subgroups:

AREC South Ontario ChapterKitchener-Waterloo-Guelph-Cambridge AREC Chapter

Admission Guide to PEO Licence"What and How" for every step in the PEO application process.

TransitionsAre you in transition right now? Find targeted support, community, counsel, information & discussions to assist your journey.

Project Management - Project Management tips and resources

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