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Things about Romania

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Despre România -

Cobblestones? Check. Castles? Check. Budget? Check.

Why Romania Is Worth the Trip.


How Traian's Column Was Built - Scientific Recreation

An interesting stop-action movie on a possible way that Traian's Column was built
Traian is the Romanian spelling for the Emperor's name.


Where is Romania?

The former Soviet bloc country is not on many travel lists, but it offers fascinating medieval history, religious shrines and Black Sea resorts without the crowds. "I hate to use the phrase, but it's a hidden gem. You get these beautiful seaside towns that are a fraction of the price that you pay in Western Europe," Kepnes says. romaniatourism.com


12 Things I Bet You Didn't Know About Romania


Come visit Romania
It is when one visits a country that one begins to truly understand it. Extraordinary things can only be discovered personally. A foray into a country's life is about discovering people, places, stories, traditions and legends.


"If Germany is Europe's high-tech factory and France is Europe's kitchen, then perhaps Austria is Europe's ski-resort and England is where Europe's humor comes from. But Romania is Europe's heart. And it's beating wildly." -


Welcome to Romania Tourism! Travel and Tourism Information about Romania.

These wonders of nature are very rare and still largely unknown to most people. Bigar Cascade Falls, Romania

Medieval Turistic Circuit in Transylvania - Tours

Jurnal de calatorie prin Tara Fagarasului - Jurnal de calatorie! Proiect "Țara Cerurilor Deschise"...

Wild Carpathia is a beautiful documentary about Romania and the Carpathian Mountains produced by Travel Channel.

Prince Charles: "I am a descendant of Vlad Tepes'

"My family tree shows that a descendant of Vlad Tepes, so I have some links with Romania", says Prince Charles of Great Britain in the documentary.


Prince Charles of Great Britain decided to promote Romania through a documentary called "Wild Carpathia"

Click on the link and scroll down the Romanian article to the English trailer of the documentary.


Dracula's Castle - Feel free to step inside !! If you dare... that is.


"The Beauty Of Romania- is an international, commercial project contains only High Standards accommodations all around Romania.

Turda Salt Mine - A real museum of salt mining in Transylvania


Fascinating and feisty Bucharest: Romania's capital rises from its past. Read more here.


Romania among top 10 adventure tourism destinations - Romania ranks among the top 10 most attractive emerging countries for adventure tourism, according to the Adventure Tourism Development Index (ATDI) study published by George Washington University, the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) and Vital Wave Consulting. Get to know the hidden Romania: 40 places you should not miss

Are you interested to spend your holidays in Romania? To invest in the Romanian tourism? To find local business partners in Romania? Perhaps we can assist you. -


Romanian fasion in world (Berlin 2011) Romanian fashion has long been stigmatized for having garish designs -- a sociological reaction from designers growing up in the repressive regime of Nicolae Ceausescu. But for the past two seasons, a show put on by four Romanian designers in Berlin has hoped to alter that by showing collections at once fantastical yet easily prêt-à-porter. The designers, who had little access to information on top Western designers as they grew up, also bring a fresh perspective to the fashion world.

Alina Botea presented a collection based around fireflies Friday night, with light silks and cottons in bright orange, dramatic turquoise and stark white covered with small and large prints of the playful insect. One toothpaste-white dress, loosely fitting with a scrunched waist and long, flowing skirt, featured a huge print of a dragonfly on the front, its tail swaying from side to side as the model walked.


Dacians In Roman Sculpture And Where Can We See Them Today


Dacoromanica is the most important Romanian digital library accessible for free on the Internet. Its development through continuous enrichment with digitized documents is ongoing every week to be a veritable tool in the service of national and international cooperation networks and to become a partner in the European Virtual Library EU


Romania Te Iubesc


Will Romania register in 2012 the biggest economic growth?

World Bank: Romania, the biggest economic growth within newly EU member states in 2012. Romania will register in 2012 the biggest economic growth within the newly EU member states with the GDP increasing by 4.4% a report of the World Bank reads. In the same time, Romania is the only country whose GDP dropped in 2010 and this year it will register the slowest growth rhythm compared to the newly EU member states. Read more here.

Romania Your Business Partner - Reasons to Invest - Romania InfoBusiness

He's seen it all before: Romania's ex-king hits his 3rd UK royal wedding since 1947

Angela Gheorghiu "the world's most glamorous opera star" (New York Sun).

Muzeul Taranului Roman - virtual tour

Romanian Heritage - Patrimoniu Romanesc by Cosmin Danila

Dustin Hoffman to play Jew-saving Romanian: I have strong Jewish sentiments. I'm a Romanian Jew!

Seventy years after Romanian Jews of Bucovina and Basarabia were deported to Transnistria, actor Dustin Hoffman accepted to play the role of Traian Popovici, the mayor who risked his own life to save 20,000 Jews in Cernauti, according to EVZ. The actor's Jewish parents left Romania only a few years before the repression began.

Romanian Folk Almanac - An exceptional window into traditions that hold a special message for all mankind

Romania - explore the Carpathian garden - Travel and Tourism Information about Romania.

Mihai Eminescu (1850-1889)  essentially represents Romanian spirituality. While Eminescu is often described as the essence of the Romanian soul, modern literary language in Romania is also much indebted to him. His work encompassed every genre of poetry (love, philosophical, cosmological, mythological, historical, socio-satiric, etc.) as well as prose and journalism. Eminescu is considered Europe's last great romantic not in the least because he gave voice of such unmistakable music to the sadness of love. His legacy, however, transcends the confines of Romanticism, the literary and philosophical Western traditions, the far east influences and even the obvious imprint of the Romanian folklore. Blessed with the touch of genius, his synthesis is a personal world of meaning about the life of man and of the cosmos in archetypal images of universal worth.

Mihai Eminescu Life and literary work

Discover Romania through Eminescu masterpieces

Mihai Eminescu Poetry

Mihai Eminescu - translations by Adrian G. Sahlean & al.

Mihai Eminescu - original poems with translations (tr. Corneliu M. Popescu)

Somnoroase pasarele (Drowsy birds) lyrics by M.Eminescu

Constantin Brâncusi is Romania's most famous sculptor! Brancusi is famous for using wood, limestone, bronze and marble in his avant-garde designs. His work has also been described as modernist abstract.
The doodle includes many of Brancusi's work including "The Kiss" (two lovers in embrace), "Bird in Space" and the "Sleeping Muse". In all, Brancusi left the world with over 1200 photographs and 215 sculptures! He died on March 16, 1957.

Brancusi Google Doodle

"The First Cry" by Constantin Brancusi - Art Gallery of Ontario - presentation compiled by Alex Dragomirescu

"Constantin Brancusi was a master of modern sculpture. His works stand at the very heart of modern art. He opened modern sculpture to new styles and is considered one of the most important sculptors of the twentieth century." - United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)

Slideshare presentation

Photo Galleries

Brancusi Filmed (1923-1939)

The Memorial of the Victims of Communism and of the Resistance - The greatest victory of communism, a victory dramatically revealed only after 1989, was to create people without a memory - a brainwashed new man unable to remember what he was, what he had, or what he did before communism.
The creation of the Memorial to the Victims of Communism and to the Resistance is a means of counteracting this victory, a means to resuscitate the collective memory.
Made up of the Sighet Museum and the International Centre for Studies into Communism, based in Bucharest, as well as being the organiser of the Summer School the Memorial is an institution of Memory, unique in that it is simultaneously an institute of research, museography and education.
To the question, "Can memory be relearned?" the answer of the Memorial to the Victims of Communism and to the Resistance in Romania is a resounding "Yes".




Knights of the Sky Air War Over Romania - PART II - War in Romania / Meet American fighter pilots and bombers who raided Romania's famed Ploesti targets in WW-II including its major oilfields. First-hand 'Ace' pilot stories and interviews, both American and Romanian, as well as US air force prisoners experiences are explored through rarely viewed archive footage. CLICK HERE FOR MORE

Happy Romania Day! La Multi Ani, Romani! - Tony Ruprecht, MPP-Davenport Statement re Romanian Flag Raising

1st of December, is Romania's National Day, when the Kingdom of Romania was united with Transylvania, in 1918.

What comes to mind when we say Romania?

Probably Dracula, or the fantastic Nadia Comaneci or maybe the second biggest building in the world...

A little bit more read below...

Located in South-Eastern Central Europe and despite our Slavonic neighbors, Romania is a Latin country. The language was formed when the Roman Empire occupied this territory. It is one of the Roman languages, related to Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and French. Due to its location the country faced many invasions from neighboring or migrating nations. The Romanian people defended the land bravely, sometimes with the price of their lives. Notable leaders of our country are Vlad the Impeller (The legendary Dracula) who reigned in Walachia and fought against the Ottoman Turks and the Hungarians, and Stephen the Great in Northern Romania who defended the country mostly against the migrating Tatars.

After the World Wars, Romania had to deal with the communist regime of Nicolae Ceausescu. His dictatorship literally destroyed the country's economy and resources with his surreal planes absurd projects. Under his rule the people were forced to live a rather low standard life. Because of that a revolution started in 1989 in Timisoara and soon spread all over the country. The dictatorship was overthrown and a democrat political system was established. This victory of the people allowed Romania to slowly return to European standards.

Bucharest, the Capital city of the state, also called in the past "The little Paris", is located in the South of Romania. Nowadays the city is an interesting mixture between old architecture, communist buildings and modern, futuristic ski-scrapers. It is a center for art, business, party - no matter what you're looking for, Bucharest will offer!
Before the end of the communist era a massive building was constructed, first named "The People's House", renamed The Parliament Palace, it is now in the Guinness Book of World Records as the second largest administrative building in the world after the Pentagon.

Other places like The Carpathian Mountains and The Black Sea are part of Romania's natural beauties, among others.

Enjoy this presentation:

Also watch The Real Romania.

Top 15 Most Beautiful Roads in the World --- Transfagarasan... nr. 1

The Transfăgărășan (that's the exact spelling) is the highest and most dramatic paved road from Romania. Built as a strategic military route by the former dictator Nicolae Ceausescu between 1970 and 1974, this road connects the historic regions of Transylvania and Wallachia, and the cities of Sibiu and Pitesti. The Transfagarasan represents 90 km of twists and turns run North to South across the tallest sections of the Carpathian Mountains between the highest peaks of the mountain in this country.

On top of the mountains this road provides access to Balea Lake, a glacier lake which has been here for thousands of years and it also has an almost 1 km long tunnel straight through the mountain's top. The road was built at a high cost both financially and from a human standpoint with more than 6 million kilograms of explosive being used on the northern face and official records of 40 soldiers who lost their lives while building it. Unofficial records however mention that only the tunnel took about 400 lives.

The north end of the road is the most spectacular and it's dotted with steep hairpin turns, long S curves and sharp descents combined with an absolutely stunning view! Between October and June this road is under the snow and usually closed so... that means only a couple of months in the summer it's available to enjoy a pure driving pleasure. Top Gear also named this road as the best road in the world !

Vezi mai multe din Calatorii, vacante pe

Top 5 things to see in Romania

Vezi mai multe din Calatorii, vacante pe

A few places that you can visit in Romania are presented in the folowing movies. The movies are selected to be representative for the counties of Romania . The name of the county is listed next to the movie. Enjoy the video tour to Romania and make sure to choose a place to visit . You won't regret !

Romanian Heritage UNESCO - Patrimoniu Romanesc UNESCO

Geopolitical Journey, Part 3: Romania


In this country there are many thing with no explanations so its full of myths and legends. Al those myts must speak some true facts otherwise people must be nuts. They all tell the same stories.

Myths like Vampires and Were-wolfs were born in this country. Areas of the country are known world wide because of these myths.

For example Transylvania is the land of witches and vampires. Count Dracula is one of them.

Vlad the Impaler aka Dracula 

Romania in case you missed it...



Gravestones in Romania share the deceased's life stories and dirty secrets


ROMANIA in 1964

In an interview with the TV channel TVR Cluj, in December 2012, MICE Ledwith, a former adviser to Pope John Paul II (pictured), one of the people who had access to the 230 kilometers of shelves with books in the archive Vatican Library and was a member of the International Theological Commission, made a shocking statement: "Although we know that Latin is the official language of the Catholic Church and the Roman language and Romanian language is a Latin language, less people know that language Romanian, or precursor to, comes from the place where Latin stems, and not vice versa. In other words, the Romanian language is a Latin language, but rather Latin language is Romanian. So, I want to salute the people of Bucegi mountains, in Brasov, Bucharest. It is you who have provided a wonderful vehicle Western world (Latin - No) ". This statement you can see on the Internet at / watch , minutes 52.30 - 53.11.

Mai mult: Omul care a avut acces la documente secrete din biblioteca Vaticanului: "Limba latină se trage din cea română, nu invers" - Reportaj |


TĂBLIȚELE DE LA TĂRTĂRIA: Cea mai veche scriere de pe Pământ

The first writing in the world, found in Județul Alba (Alba County) - Romania.

The Tărtăria tablets were discovered in 1961 by the archaeologist Nicolae Vlassa at a Neolithic site in the village of Tărtăria in Romania. The tablets, dated to around 5300 BC, bear incised symbols. Archaeologists claim that the symbols represent the earliest known form of writing in the world. Remember Sumer's writing is dated ca. 3500 BC.

- Tărtăria tablets -

The Tartaria Tablets: A Mathematical Interpretation

The ancestors of Romanian people were as follows:
pelasgians/pelasgi - thracians/traci - dacians/getae/geti - vlahs/valahi/vlahi - rumuni/romanians.

Romanian Free TV


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